Beverage counting made easy

Going out much? Losing count of your drinks? Drunky will do the math for you, here comes your digital bill!

Never before it's been so easy and fun to keep track of your spending. Drunky is your personal drink tracker. Organizes all your restaurant bills, helps you discover insights on what you drink and calculates your total on the fly.

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Meet Drunky

Digital bill and drink tracker

Keep track of your night out

Start tracking your drinks. The new calendar view allows you to organize your expenses per day.

Search through a vast collection of beverages

Drunky comes packed with a vast collection of drinks. Simply type what you're having and add it to your bill.

Standard Drinks

As not all drinks contain the same amount of alcohol, a Standard Drink is basically an unit of measurement that will tell you how much alcohol you consumed.

Add your own beverages

Not finding it? Don't worry, just add the drink yourself.

Keep your favorites one tap away

In a hurry? Your favourite drinks are one tap away from your bill. Tap the plus (+) button and choose what you like.

Share drinks with friends

You have the option to share a drink to any of your friends via AirDrop


All your drinking data and items are automatically backed-up in your private iCloud space (so you own your data)

Contact us

If you have a problem using the Drunky app, please send an email from the Drunky app using the "Send us feedback" menu (the e-mail will contain diagnostic information that will help us identify problems and assist you). You may also e-mail us directly at